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Jesse Gideon

President and Corporate Chef
Fresh to Order (f2o) and Fresh To Order Catering Companies

Jesse Gideon’s career has taken him through hotels, restaurants, country clubs and catering companies in New York City, Boston, Rhode Island, Tampa and Atlanta. Responsible for creating some of Atlanta’s most renowned cuisine at restaurants such as Stoney River, Brookwood Grill and Fresh To Order. Jesse also currently services as corporate chef and director of purchasing for QS America, Brookwood Grill and Brookwood Catering. For Fresh To Order (f2o), Jesse played a central role in developing the menu and concept that centers around fresh, healthy, quality cuisine for around $10 in less than 10 minutes.

Steve Hammel

Dining Services Program Manager
U.S. Navy Regional Southwest

Hammel helped shape the food and beverage operations of major hotels including Marriott, Hyatt, Playboy and Radisson. He developed food and beverage operations for Disneyland’s California Adventure and was responsible for retail quality assurance for Starbucks Coffee. Hammel heads a US Navy operation of 40 retail foodservice facilities serving 16,000 meals daily. Additionally, more than 900,000 meals are served to active duty military in 11 Navy five-star rated galley operations also under his leadership. Hammel has developed quick foodservice branch operations such as Take Five Coffee Bistros, Kingpin Cafes and Flightline Cafes. Hammel also established the only Navy MWR-operated Starbucks licensed stores on three bases.

Luis Haro

Director of Culinary Development
Logan’s Roadhouses Culinary Innovation Center

Luis Haro is an Ecuador native who moved to Tennessee over 25 years ago with his family. He attributes his passion for cooking to his grandparents who cooked every Sunday for the entire family. His Ecuadorian background exposed him to unique flavors and ingredients, which are key components of his cooking style and help, ignite his creativity in the kitchen.

Dennis Kihlstadius

Chief Executive Officer
Produce Technical Services

In 1988 Dennis Kihlstadius started Produce Technical Service, a post-harvest consulting firm. He has worked with wholesalers, retailers, food service providers, and produce organizations around the world on temperature management and fruit ripening programs for several commodities including strawberries, lettuce, potatoes, avocados, pears, tomatoes, kiwis, and mangos. He has also been an instructor of the U.C. Davis Ripening and Fruit Management Course for the last fourteen (14) years.

Mary Angela Miller

KeepSafe Food

Mary Angela spent 15 years as Nutrition Services Director at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the last 13 as a healthcare administrator. Mary has served as president the National Association of Healthcare Foodservice Management, the State of Ohio’s Dietetic Association and now, as a delegate to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on behalf of dietitians in leadership roles. This year at NRA, she was selected as a FES Top Achiever Award. She earned an IFMA Silver Plate and serves on their Education Foundation’s scholarship board. Mary is a small business entrepreneur, owner of KeepSafe Food, offering products for personal food safety.

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