Steve SolomonCulinary Strategist for the Mushroom Council

As Culinary Strategist with the Mushroom Council, Steve is responsible for foodservice strategy, menu development, communication, education and promotion. He has worked with countless chains to get mushrooms on the menu and is the point person for the Council’s new “Blended Burger,” a growing concept which adds ground mushrooms to meat in burgers, meatballs and other iconic products for better flavor, nutrition and sustainability.He also works closely with the James Beard Foundation and the Blended Burger Project on behalf of the Mushroom Council.

Previously at major advertising agencies, Steve supervised marketing for chains, consumer brands and foodservice marketers like Bakers Square, Bob Evans, Texas Dairy Queen, Hyatt Hotels, Little Caesar’s/Canada, Quaker Oats, Jimmy Dean, Pepsi, General Mills, Kraft, Land O’ Lakes, Sara Lee, Campbell’s, Butterball, American Egg Board and the National Pork Board. He helped create the Market Fresh program for Arby’s; has developed new breakfast programs for Taco Bell, Panera and Subway and was responsible for Culinary/Nutrition for the U. S. Ski Team at the 2002 Olympic Games.