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What is the format of the Forum this year?

This year’s program, “Deconstructing the Menu Playbook,”explores the highly-complex challenge of profitably integrating produce-centric items into menus & meal offerings.

Essential to a successful menu rollout is bringing the KEY PLAYERS to the table from the outset. When ideating and identifying menu items for research and development, it is imperative to include culinarians, marketers, and other stakeholders: growers, distributors, and commodity board representatives who all bring invaluable insight into the discussion.

This year’s forum is intended to stimulate thought and open dialogue among the foodservice industry’s leaders from all points of the supply chain.

What are the date, time and location of the conference?
Who should attend the conference?
What are the benefits of attending?
How much would I be able to participate?
What information would I receive that would be helpful to my business?
Is the subject matter limited to U.S. restaurants?
How much of the program focuses on produce trends?
What were the past years’ agendas?
What sponsorships are available and what do we receive as a sponsor?



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